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Voor deze klant is een veiligheidsscreening vereist. Deze screening duurt meestal c.a. 3 weken.

Functie eisen

  • The candidate must have 4+ years of proven practical experience as a software developer within agile software development environments (SCRUM)
  • The candidate must have 4+ years of proven practical experience in working with JAVA, HTML and JAVASCRIPT and XML.
  • The candidate must have 4+ years of proven experience in working with Framework "ZK EE".
  • The candidate must have 4+ years of proven experience in working with database engine "FESTA".
  • "Candidate has good working language: 
  • English Reading (A2) + Writing (A2) + Speaking (A2) + Listen (A2)."


  • Candidate has profound working knowledge of MEAT application (EATC's in-house developed command & control tool).
  • Candidate preferably has proven experience in working with ORACLE DB.
  • Candidate preferably has proven experience in working with UML modelling by using "Magic Draw".
  • Candidate preferably has proven experience in working with relational database design and development (PL/SQL).
  • Candidate preferably has working knowledge of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for web services development.
  • Candidate preferably has a Master degree.
  • Candidate preferably has a Bachelors degree.


  • Analysis
  • Communication 
  • Self-Initiative
  • Integrity
  • Result-oriented  
  • Cooperation
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Imagination

Achtergrond opdracht

The web application developer to hire is responsible for permanent code generation wrt to MEAT maintenance and MEAT NG development. This includes the practical implementation of customer triggered software change requests as pieces of software code as well as pieces of code aimed for maintaining MEAT/ MEAT NG-as-a-software (3rd level support). By doing so he or she mainly contributes to ensure that MEAT and/or MEAT NG as a software is properly maintained/ developed and fulfills the expectations of the customers out of 7 participating nations.

The described post holder works as software developer and is part of a mixed team (civilian and military personnel).

The main tasks are:

+ Transfer software change request tasks into pieces of code using the programming languages and tools in use for the maintenance of MEAT/ MEAT NG wrt:

  • Application functionalities
  • Application interfaces
  • Built-in reports
  • Database objects (tables, views, constraints and sequences, PL/SQL packages, functions, procedures and triggers)

+ Reviews generated code

+ Tests generated code for functionality/ usability

+ Supports superior officers permanently by:

  • Developing a detailed estimate for each assignment
  • Contributing to the management of the internal product backlog
  • Providing 3rd level service desk duties for MEAT/ MEAT NG to EATC’s participating nations.

Working language: English: Reading (Good) + Writing (Good) + Speaking (Good) + Listen (Good).

Organisation context and culture:

The EATC is an international organisation (that is exempt from VAT) where English is the main language. Because of this, the CV has to be delivered in English. Beside this, the candidate has to deliver a letter with his/her motivation in English. This letter can only be 1 A4 paper, Arial 11.

Particularities / extra information:

Reservation 1. It is possible that the candidate will eventually be deployed for similar activities in another project or context. In principle, we strive to ensure that the location does not change in such a case.

Reservation 2. In case of several suitable candidates, the service reserves the right to make several awards. This will be based on the ranking in the final assessment.

Opdracht informatie

Rate indication



Then send us your recent CV + motivation for this role, at the latest 20 January 2022, before 9 a.m., together with your availability/planned holidays and your all-in hourly rate excl. VAT.

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