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Our client is investigating novel ways to convert or separate molecules using renewable energy sources in the framework of a Long Range Research program launched in 2016. The renewable energy output is mostly electricity and the main drawbacks are time/weather-dependence and delocalization (off-shore wind power, solar power in desert areas, etc.). 
Electrochemical processes for the synthesis of chemical and fuels are an interesting opportunity for our client to play a key role in the energy transition by storing renewable electricity into a molecular vector. In this context, our client is investigating CO2 electrochemical reduction to more valuable molecules, e.g. CO or hydrocarbons, both internally and externally (15+ PhD students or post-docs sponsored worldwide on this topic).

In house, an electrochemical lab has been built.
Current lab capabilities are:
• Electrocatalyst testing (up to 100 bar) 
• Electrode manufacturing
• Co-electrolyzer Single cell testing 
• Membrane Testing
• Electrodialysis testing (Single cells / stacks)
• Online and Offline Analytical measurements

Functie eisen

You will be joining the Emerging Technologies department and be part of the electrochemistry team consisting of 5 highly skilled researchers/experimentalists + temporary staff (e.g. master students / interns).
Job tasks:
- Synthesize/Manufacture/Design and characterize electrocatalysts/electrodes/catalyst-electrolyte systems for CO2 electrochemical reduction.
- Design electrochemical cells and setups
- Measure catalyst activity, selectivity and durability
- Document research; publish papers in peer-reviewed journals, and present results inside and outside
- Write research proposals for master students/interns and supervise them.
Hard skills & Technical skills:
Recent PhD in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, or related discipline.
- Experience with electrochemical CO2 reduction
- Demonstrated solid background in electrochemistry, materials characterization and gas analysis (GC).
- Proven track record of scientific publications in peer-reviewed literature
- Proficient verbal and written communication (English) skills, capable of giving targeted presentation targeted for different audience.
Soft skills:
- Excellent team player
- Experience in supervising students

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Interested? Please send us your CV (Word), motivation and hourly rate.

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