SW Release Integrator (ANR-16223)


High Tech

Achtergrond opdracht

Do you want to manage and execute our software release integration plan in order to meeting the product roadmap and quality standards? In this position you get the opportunity to get in the lead.

Job Mission
The Software Release Integrator executes and guards the software release integration process. He defines and delivers the most efficient integration plans together with the SW Release Project Leader to meet the product roadmap needs. The plans need continuous adaptation and therefore, the Software Release Integrator will have to anticipate and take the appropriate steps.

Job Description
It is expected that you can think and work in terms of:
-Manage and maintain the software release integration plan to meet the product roadmap and quality standards 
-Advice on planning, technical capabilities and optimizations towards development projects
-Improve integration tooling
-Improve the SW integration process and quality in total

Functie eisen


-Bachelor or Master Level – Technical
-Preferred educated in Computer Science


-Already had the role of Software Build Manager / 5 years software development
-Clearcase experience
-Knowledge of scripting/tooling
-Knowledge of C/C++/Python
-Experience with Linux / Windows / Office applications

Personal skills

-Enthusiastic, flexible and assertive
-Communication skills
-Able to defend own opinion
-Proactive attitude
-Searching own challenges
-Able to prioritize
-High degree of autonomy
-Ready to be employed for at least 2 years
-Ability / willingness to attend additional courses

Opdracht informatie

Stuur ons asap je recente CV + motivatie voor deze rol, beide in het Engels, samen met je beschikbaarheid/geplande vakanties en je all-in uurtarief excl. BTW.
Please send us asap your recent CV + a motivation for this role, both in English, together with your availability/planned vacations and all-in hourly rate VAT (BTW) excluded.

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