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Responsible for all scheduled meetings/events in respective site/region end-to-end. coordinate, schedule and book all required technologies, tools and support teams required. support and act as the primary focal point during the event and handle any technical problems. As the primary focal point it is important to have the ability to coordinate, lead and to delegate effectively. This role will work in a executive / critical end-user environment, as such need to be able to communicate at all levels in a professional manner. Required to translate technical issues into laymen terms for all stakeholders to understand.
Also to propose the best available technology or solutions to the customer / stakeholder by highlighting the pros and cons. Also, perform a risk and cost analysis, taking into account costs, availability, technology requirements and business knowledge. Also to use available templates and process documentation. Documenting and structuring are important aspects of the job.

Functie eisen

  • Preferred Vocational/Diploma/Associate Degree (technical field) equivalent
  • At least 3 years of working experience in related field(s)
  • Experienced with organising and coordinating large (virtual) events end to end. Must have the ability to manage, steer and control multiple aspects of the event such as technology, participants, multiple stakeholders and requirements.
  • Capable of taking ownership while maintaining a pro-active approach in organizing and coordinating these events whilst working under high pressure.
  • Experienced in using and supporting collaboration tools such as CISCO/Polycom Videoconferencing equipment, CISCO Telepresence and Lync/Skype for Business meetings
  • Must have excellent language skills, both written and verbal (face to face and over the phone) in both the local language and English. Is able to communicate at all organizational levels. To be sensitive to non-verbal communication and able to adequately respond to that
  • Managing expectations and effective communications with the most senior stakeholders in the company
  • Executive presence and professionalism;
  • Experience with Microsoft Skype;
  • Experience with Microsoft Office 365
  • Experience with Sharepoint 2010 Understanding of and prior experience with the ITIL standards, AGILE or similar, for process aligned IT delivery organizations, is preferred.

Soft Skills:

  • Customer Focus
  • Ability to see his/her own area of expertise fit in with other parts of the organization
  • To provide excellent service to the stakeholder.
  • Ability to understand broadly the stakeholders business and the impact a degradation or
  • loss of service would have.
  • Troubleshooting
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills to solve problems in a short timeframe.
  • Excellent problem analytical skills.
  • Communicator
  • Must have excellent language and communication skills, both written and verbal (local language and English).
  • Can communicate at all levels (Top-Bottom and vice versa).
  • Stress handling
  • Ability to continue to operate and troubleshoot during stressful situations.
  • Planning and organizational skills
  • Must be able to plan and organize in order to support meetings / events and projects.
  • Must be able to perform mailbox management and assign tasks.
  • Must be able to deliver successful meetings / events in collaboration with others support teams and stakeholders.
  • Structured Approach
  • Adheres to standards and works in a structured way, enabling cross-boundary teamwork.
  • Sees the necessity of documenting and sharing knowledge, thus working in a professional manner and fostering team spirit.

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