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Skills & Requirements:

  • The core IT competences required can be found on the Learning for your Job Profile page on My Career in IT. [Job Grade 4 Dimensions]
  • Typical Years of Experience: 4 to 7 years in IT with some IT leadership experience
  • Minimum Education or Certification: 4-year Degree related to IT
  • Typical Job Grade of Supervisor/Manager: JG2 or higher
  • Strong stakeholder management skills; the role requires pro-active communication and an ability to work closely with other members in project teams and other disciplines in architecture in particular.
  • Strong communication skills; the role requires effective written and verbal communications. Including the ability to communicate architectural viewpoints and decisions using content appropriate for the audience.
  • Business skills

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 Solution Architect is responsible for delivering solution designs to projects. These solutions need to be fit for purpose within the portfolio, have technical integrity, the right TCO (total cost of ownership) through its life cycle and a good fit with the IT technology direction. The resultant High Level Design have a measurable impact on the effectiveness and profitability.

Responsibilities include:

  • Provide solution architecture development, consultancy and assurance to projects, making sure applications are well designed and conform to the standards and reference/segment architectures. The Solution Architect is accountable to the Project Manager for the architecture of a solution being developed and implemented until the successful deployment of the solution.

This includes:

  • a. Being the point of call for all architecture aspects of an IT Project
    • b. Being able to address and integrate the: Business Process, Data, Application, Technical and Information Security aspects of an IT Solution.
    • c. Ensure projects solution architecture is documented using the relevant templates, tooling and conforms to standards.
    • d. Coach detailed designers and business analysts in projects during their design work.
    • e. Reviewing and accepting the detailed design of an IT solution.
    • f. Support Segment Architects and reviews through the Architecture Review Board as required.
  • Take an active role in documenting, improving & maintaining the Reference Models in Systems Architect. Lifting project deliverables to the Conceptual and Logical levels.
  • Follow IT Technology developments in the market and leverage this knowledge in architecting solutions in Shell. Ensure solutions are 'future-proof'
  • Stay in touch with development of standards and standard services in IT. To ensure the latest service developments are taken into account. 
  • Pro-actively contribute to the development of the Architecture community and be an ambassador for Architecture.
  • Interact with stakeholders on architecture issues and strategic improvements where such expertise is required.
  • Maintain knowledge of compliance and regulatory requirements, including data privacy regulations (e.g. GDPR), and ensure that those are included in architecture design decisions.
  • Responsible for championing and embedding Security by Design and Privacy by Design in projects, and to ensure that the appropriate design decisions are made, documented and implemented.
  • Work with IRM and DPO/SECO in case of unclarity around L&R requirements [Unique Characteristics of the Posting] [completed by hiring manager]

Special Challenges: The need to pro-actively identify and reconcile different – often competing – interests and requirements applicable to solutions, and the need to escalate conflicts timely as appropriate.

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