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Within the organisation the sector Development & Engineering is responsible for the specification and the design of ASML products. In this sector, the department SW DE EUV Source Test and Integration specifies, executes and controls the testing and integration of the various software systems into a software release.For rolling out new software changes, there is a software release project that manages testing and integration of software components into the software release. The Software Test Engineer reports to the project leader of this software integration project and to the manager of SW DE EUV Source Test and Integration.

Job Mission

Ensure a good efficient testing & qualification of new software, either released as new release version or in service packs

Job Description

Test Impact determination: In discussions with architects and developers, the impact of a release or service pack must be determined to be able to select existing testcases or create new testcases. The software test engineer will look at these deliverables from a customers point-of-view, and test from that system perspective

Software qualification: Define and execute software qualification tests on the new proto type systems and on test benches. Every week a new development software baseline is released and must be tested on the test benches and the proto type systems. As much as possible should be tested on the test benches to relieve the claim on the very expensive proto type systems. Therefore part of the challenge is also to make these test benches as representative as possible.

Creating system tests: Create system level test to qualify the system and the software and to test the reliability of the system and the different modules of the system. These system level tests are typically implemented in the form of Python scripts.

Analysis: Do the first analysis of the problem to find the development project that is responsible for fixing the problem. After the problem has been dispatched you should assist the development project in defining and testing the solution and make sure that they deliver an adequate solution in time.

Reporting: Clear reporting on issues found, both in an issue database, as well as in overviews and in a test analysis report.Continuous improvement: New issues coming from the field or factory must be analyzed why they were not caught in our own tests, and preventive actions must be defined to make sure future testcases will capture these issues.

Functie eisen


- WO/HBO education level 
- Computer Science, Physics, Electronics, Mechanics, Mathematics or comparable


- Experience in testing high-tech systems
- Experience deducting test plans from documents and implicit knowledge of people
- Experience with programming/scripting/automation (Unix, Python)

Personal skills

- A strong communicative personality with a pragmatic attitude.
- Excellent cooperation skills.
- Flexible and goal oriented, able to realize progress within an uncertain and rapidly changing environment.
- Good knowledge of the English and Dutch language.
- Takes ownership and is decisive

Opdracht informatie

Please send us asap your recent CV + a motivation for this role, both in English, together with your availability/planned vacations and all-in hourly rate VAT (BTW) excluded.
This is a ‘detavast’ request: Our client prefers candidates who are open to a contract with our client after a period of 12 months. This is no must, please mention if this is an option for you, or not.

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