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Hightech manufacturer of printers.

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Who are we looking for?

  • Has large expertise in used technologies (C# and C++); keeps it up-to date.
  • Experience in modern Software engineering methods (preferably agile) and processes.
  • Experienced in developing software in a large code base based on a limited of knowledge.
  • Higher Vocational of university education in Computer/Software science or equivalent and 3-5 year+ working experience
  • Has experience with Visual Studio
  • Pre: (Some) knowledge and understanding of other disciplines with which co-operation takes place. Knowledge of design methods and engineering processes.
  • Pre: Specific knowledge of the relevant area of application, where necessary.
  • Pre: Specific knowledge of the used development environment / tools TFS).
  • Good communicative skills at least in English

Personality characteristics

  • Analytical, creative and abstract thinker.
  • Proven ability to be very productive and disciplined team player.
  • Be a sparring partner for the other software engineers.
  • Take initiative. Not hesitant in retrieving information from other colleagues to get his work done.
  • Able to make optimal choice between Quality and Time.
  • Able to work in project where not always Functional Specifications or Impact analysis are finalized.

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Main characteristics:
Designs Controller platform features. The job entails responsibility for independently organizing reviews of this design with colleagues, in addition to those with the function designer. The software engineer responds to directions from the Team Lead can act as or reflects with the function designer and acts in line with departmental and project processes. For day-to-day professional problems the software engineer consults the Team Lead or fellow SW engineers. Any potential failures to meet schedules are reported to the Team Lead and suggestions are made for avoiding overruns. The position is for a long period, minimal 3 years, due to the long onboarding time needed.

Project context:
The Controller platform is part of a multifunctional printer/copier/scanner and handles all generic platform activities on the multifunctional, e.g. OS, drivers, libraries, security, user management, system access, peripherals. These platform activities are part of the engine’s so-called Controller software, which in its turn handles all logistic behavior and storage processes of the multifunctional.

See the below link to get an impression of the product you're developing: https://www.prisma-demo.com/prismasync/

Key areas of responsibility:

  • Responsible for the design to be made on feature or function level.
  • Understands the implication the overall SW design/architecture has for this design and communicates issues regarding the feasibility of such a design within the constraints of the overall SW architecture. Especially performance and user interaction consequences are key factors.
  • Communicates and interacts with client projects independently.
  • Acts in line with departmental and project guidelines.
  • Acts as a team member and ensures an adequate level of know-how for the Engineers in the team. Is responsible for input in the planning process.
  • Inspires fellow engineers to get the job done.


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Please send us your recent CV + a cover letter for this role (both in English) together with your availability/planned vacations and all-in hourly rate VAT (BTW) excluded. before the 13th of april 17:00

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