Software engineer


Hightech manufacturer of printers.

Functie eisen

  • Work in a team of software engineers (team player) and a multi-disciplinary project.
  • Take responsibility for a piece of work.
  • Fast learner, finds it easy to pick up in a new environment.
  • Analytical and self-employed attitude.
  • Quality driven.
  • Gather requirements in a multidisciplinary (mechanical / electrical / software) environment.
  • Take part in the implementation of embedded software functionality in C, C++ and also partly C#.
  • Experience with legacy code.
  • Troubleshoot and analyze problems on our test engines, including reverse engineering of existing code.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Visual Studio, TFS and GIT.
  • About 5 years of experience.
  • Fluent in English, verbal and written.
  • Relevant professional BSc degree.

Achtergrond opdracht

In the Arizona software team we are looking for a software engineer to help in the development and maintenance of the software for the Arizona printers. The vacancy is in mostly the area of print quality, everything related to adjusting components, positioning drops of ink, etc.

The Arizona software team is responsible for all software of the Arizona printers, including control software (real time software), controller functionality, user interface and service and manufacturing tooling.

We are working on new functionality for the Arizona printers and we maintain the software of the current releases in the field. Examples of the work at hand are:

  • Implementing new interfaces for 3rd parties and our service organization to get usage and diagnostics information from the printer.
  • Improve adjustments and printer maintenance activities to avoid pollution in the printer.
  • Reverse engineer parts of the low level software to analyze problems and fix these problems with minimal impact and risk on regression.

I am looking for someone who is able and willing to dive into legacy code (with no documentation) and find problems or figure out how to implement new functionality given the current implementation.

Opdracht informatie

Please send us your recent CV + a cover letter for this role (both in English) together with your availability/planned vacations and all-in hourly rate VAT (BTW) excluded.

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