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The following skills are typical for the type of work required by a GeoSigns system team member. These are listed to convey desirable skills and not as a must-have checklist that must be met in all respects. If the developer has a learner mindset, then missing skills are expected to be learned on the job. The expectation is that the candidate would possess a subset of these skills. More critical skills for the 1st team mission are in bold.

  • CI/CD Pipeline construction, monitoring, and maintenance
  • Packaging Systems
  • Infrastructure Provisioning and Configuration
  • ADO Pipelines (current system)
  • GitHub/Actions (future system)
  • .Net and Linux native applications
  • Cloud Native Applications
  • Containerized Applications
  • Cloud Infrastructure and Tooling
  • AWS managed service offerings
  • Container and Container Orchestration
  • Docker/Kubernetes/Compose/Helm/Nginx
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC)/SaltStack/Terraform /Ansible
  • ARM/Chef/Cloud Formation/Scripting/Markup/Programming Languages
  • CMake/Bash/Python/C++/PowerShell
  • Yaml /Packaging Systems/RPM/Conan/Nuget/npm
  • PyPi/OS/RHEL/Windows Server IIS/Source Code Management /Git
  • Database Administration/Oracle/Programming Fundamentals/Concepts of compiling, linking
  • Familiarity with shared libraries, symbols References A site reliability engineer is a software developer with IT operations experience - someone who knows how to code, and who also understands how to 'keep the lights on' in a large-scale IT environment

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 We're looking for engineers with as many of the following characteristics as we can find:

  • Has a learner mindset
  • Ability to successfully deliver with minimal supervision in a global environment
  • Uses version control for all production artifacts
  • Automates all deployment processes
  • Familiar with continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • Familiar with build artifact management
  • Familiar with managing security and secrets in an automated system
  • Familiar with infrastructure as code and configuration management
  • Familiar with monitoring systems automatically (health check, notifications)
  • Familiar with system administration (aka Site Reliability Engineer)

Job description Cloud Native Engineering – DevOps

Do you want to work on a team helping to build Shells next generation of applications? Do you want to work with the latest opensource toolset? Join our newly formed Cloud Native Engineering team as a DevOps Engineer As a DevOps engineer you will join a team who partners with development teams throughout the organization with the goal of improving products and enhancing speed and quality on development and deployment. 

On a Normal Day, You Will

  • Work with product teams to shape the architecture, design, and implementations of new and existing systems to enhance their reliability, performance, efficiency, and scalability.
  • Help product teams to develop and deploy on a cloud native environment
  • Ensure all key services are measured, monitored and raising alerts when needed
  • Develop automation of application deployment and configuration
  • Develop reliability tools and frameworks for use by all engineers and products
  • Coach and train developers on DevOps best practices
  • Research, develop, configure and implement tools for continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • Drive efficiencies in products and processes: capacity planning, configuration management, performance tuning, monitoring,

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Please send us your recent CV (Word) + a cover letter for this role (both in English) together with your availability/planned vacations and all-in hourly rate VAT (BTW) excluded

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