Software Design Engineer (Metrology Software)


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Achtergrond opdracht

Is solving complex software engineering problems your passion? Does working in a multi-cultural environment make you spin? Does contributing to world’s most advanced lithography machines make you feel proud? Then this might be the right opportunity for you.
Job Mission
As a part of our client’s Metrology Software department, you will provide the software solutions that realize the metrology system functions, producing sub-nm measurement and control accuracy. Your solutions emerge from sound software engineering practice and take low effort to develop and maintain. You choose for system-wide experience and drive for successful customer deployment
Job Description
Our client’s lithography systems deliver nanometer accuracy at high productivity. The required accuracy level cannot be achieved by hardware and mechatronics solutions only.  At system level, imperfections of the subsystems need to be measured and corrected. The Metrology Functional Group creates mathematical models describing the lithography machine and its imperfections. The parameters of these models are calibrated using several sensors present in the machine. The calibrations of the machine can be done offline in a dedicated calibration test, or inline while running production. Afterwards, the calibrated parameters are used to control the machine in such a manner that the inaccuracies are corrected. Solutions of the Metrology Functional Group are implemented in software by the Metrology Software Department. Your role is to design, realize and integrate high-quality software engineering solutions, allowing fast and efficient delivery of complex metrology functions. Within the Metrology Software Department, we are reshaping our software architecture to facilitate seamless implementation of the metrology functions in our software. By introducing engineering practices such as Model Driven Engineering, we increase our engineering efficiency.

Functie eisen

Master: BSc, MSc, PDEng in computer science, software engineering, system engineering, or equivalent
3 Years of work experience in software development is required.

Personal skills
Our client is a highly dynamic environment, which requires you to be a good communicator, team player, to take initiative and to be result oriented.  As a design engineer you need to organize and plan your work for timely achievement of the product and project goals.
Context of the position
This position is within the Software Metrology Department, which is a part of the Sector Development & Engineering.

Opdracht informatie

Stuur ons asap een recent en op de aanvraag getuned CV plus motivatie, beide in het Engels, samen met je beschikbaarheid/geplande vakanties en all-in uurtarief excl. BTW.

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