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The Senior Computational Linguist will be the senior Computational Linguistics (CL) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) practitioner within broader Data Science (DS) team. As a Senior Data Scientist, they will be responsible for co-developing a CL curriculum (with the Lead Data Scientist) and understanding the latest CL skill-sets, tools and techniques.
As a practitioner, they must be an expert developer of computer systems that deal with human language and that can perform tasks such as text classification, topic identification, natural language search, document summarization, text mining and other CL applications.
They will therefore need a good understanding of both programming and linguistics, with knowledge of the state-of-the-art and practical limitations of a wide range of NLP techniques and algorithms.
They will use these methods in a broader sense, to solve business problems by working with Business Analysts and business SME/users to assess opportunities and review expected outputs.
They will be responsible for delivering the analytics aspects of projects like developing analytical algorithms, and analytical tools, and for the quality of the offered solutions. They will need to manage all Data Science aspects of their own projects.
They will be able to build solutions that are useful to the end-users, and scalable within existing software landscape.
Job purpose
Responsible for development & delivery of CL solutions in an agile fashion to the business in order to provide insights & improvement to business processes. CLs use their analytical ability to find and interpret rich natural language (NL) data sources; manage large amounts of natural language data; merge NL data sources; ensure consistency of modelled NL datasets; create visualizations to aid in understanding NL data; build mathematical models using the NL data; and present and communicate the NL data insights/findings and produce and present results with dashboards.


  • Accountable for preparing and Identifying Requirements for a CL Data Science Service
  • Accountable for preparing a Work Scope for a CL Data Science Service
  • Accountable for executing the CL Data Science Work Scope
  • Accountable for Final Review of the CL Data Science Service/Work
  • Accountable for the Closeout, Quality Review and Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Accountable for defining Objectives and Strategies for Information and Data exploitation through CL analytics
  • Accountable for defining and maintaining Policies and Standards for Information and Data analytics
  • Accountable for developing Roles, Responsibilities and Competencies for Information and Data analytics
  • Accountable for development and execution of Enterprise Improvement Plan for Information and Data analytics             

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Skills & Requirements:  

  • Bachelor or master degree in linguistics, computer science, psychology or statistics
  • PHD in relevant domain is strongly preferred
  • Experience in data science delivery in a corporate environment is desirable
  • Must have strong technical skills to develop advanced analytics algorithms/models.
  • Skilled in analytics
  • Skilled in data design integrity
  • Skilled in value exploitation
  • Commercial skills are an advantage
  • Have interpersonal, communication, facilitation and presentation skills

Job Experience Requirements
Candidates for the position should have experience in applying CL analytical methods to real data. That can also be by having done projects during their studies.
Position requires business knowledge of: 
  • Hands-on code development (R, Python, MatLab, SAS, relevant software in CL).
  • Use of advanced analytics technology in the context of application deployment
  • Knowledge of data source extraction (ETL) is desirable (HANA, SQL, Oracle, SharePoint, Hadoop, Spark)
  • Experience of working with Graph Databases (e.g. neo4j, GraphX) is desirable
  • Experience of NLP based Artificial Intelligent solutions (e.g. chatbots) is desirable 

Job Competence Requirements
These are maximum requirements so room should be allowed for in-role development.
I&D Value Exploitation:Skill
I&D Strategy & Governance:Skill
I&D Design Integrity:Skill
I&D Lifecycle & Quality Management:Knowledge
I&D Business Analytics:Mastery

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