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Required Skills:

  • Experience in running portfolio or programs & leading small teams
  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Solid experience in System design of large ML Applications
  • 8+ yrs of development competency across a breadth of languages, frameworks, and tooling: Python, R, Kubernetes, Kubeflow, JavaScript
  • JVM, Scala, Reactive Streams, Kafka (Python preferred)
  • Solid exp in designing application using Azure ML Services
  • 8+ yrs of exp in designing, developing, deploying, and monitoring ML and deep learning solutions
  • 8+ yrs of exp in Application development, deployment, and monitoring on Kubernetes
  • 8+ yrs of exp in cloud Application Development using AWS or Azure
  • 8+ yrs of exp implementing, Improving, and maintaining automated CI/CD pipeline
  • 6+ year of exp working with data scientists and/or ML engineers and building auto-scaling ML systems
  • Development competency in data eng and storage, including across breadth of tools such as S3, RDS, EFS, ADLS Gen2, Azure SQL, Azure Cosmos, ADF, No-SQL, graph db, Spark, etc
  • 4+ yrs of exp in automating Infrastructure creation using Terraform, Helm
  • 5+ yrs of exp in distributed computing such as Spark, Pyspark
  • Good exp in distributed model training such as Horovod
  • Strong exp in designing workflow or Orchestration systems such as Airflow, Dagster etc
  • Strong desire to stay ahead of industry trends & technologies with a commitment to continuous learning
  • Exp in extracting, cleansing, and manipulating large, diverse structured and unstructured data sets
  • Good exp in applying ML algorithms, Optimization and technologies to time series forecasting
  • Good exp in Bash
  • Powershell Scripting and Linux Operating system and networking fundamentals
  • Strong communication skills, explaining technical concepts to business people & to collaborate in a multi-disciplinary team
  • Strong desire to stay ahead of industry trends & technologies with a commitment to continuous learning
  • Exp working in small, empowered, delivery focused, cross-functional and collaborating teams
  • Exp of working in a virtual team and with virtual stakeholders.
  • Nice to have Skills Cloud
  • Data eng skills using Azure/AWS
  • Google cloud native tools
  • Designing ML application using Sagemaker
  • Google Vertex AI
  • Good exp in Bash
  • Powershell Scripting and Linux Operating system and networking fundamental
  • Front end application development using React
  • Application development using .Net/c#
  • Exp in extracting, cleansing and manipulating large diverse structured and unstructured data sets
  • Knowledge and exp in applying ML algorithms and technologies to time series forecasting, Machine Vision, NLP.

Achtergrond opdracht

The Principal AI/ML Eng will be responsible for initiating, development and deployment of data science solutions/products in an agile fashion to meet demand across multiple business lines.

Key Characteristics: Lead a portfolio or programs in IDA/ Lead small team of AI Eng allocated to the project/Working within the Data Science and ML team to deploy models to production, using existing and emerging methods and technologies that could be effectively applied to Shell use cases/ Build core infrastructure around feature eng, model training, model deployment, ongoing monitoring tools/Build and automate our AI/ML workstream from data analysis, experimentation, operationalization, model training, model tuning to visualization/Work closely with Infrastructure, data eng and DevOp teams to increase deployment velocity, inc. the process for deploying models and data pipelines into production/Work closely with Product Management to translate product requirements into robust, customer-agnostic ML architectures/Keep abreast of new eng practices, technologies and continuously improving our Agile practices and building and strengthening relationships and alliances in academia, IDT and industry/Contribute to community building initiatives like CoE, CoP. Bachelor’s/Master’s/PHD degree in any of the following: Eng, statistics, ML, or relevant areas/Min15 yrs of experience in the industry 

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