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  • The Programme Lead needs to:
    • Have an open learner mindset, to observe and learn about what is required to set the Falcon Programme up for success. He/she must be open to doing things (e.g. project delivery) in a new way given the new nature of the technology, and deep dependence on ecosystems partners.
    • Be able to drive a 'one team' mindset across the natural project team which will be made up of various disciplines and functions.
    • Be comfortable to challenge purposefully with a value driven outcome in mind, and as well be open for challenging
    • Have the courage to intervene on time
    • Have the perseverance to articulate and explain (sometimes also defend) the value case given it is the first of its kind.

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  1. Programme Mgt & Agile Project Delivery
    1. Scope mgt – Carefully manage the scope of the Equipment Digital Passports balancing opportunities and possibilities of the underlying blockchain technology with a realistic focus on short(er) term delivery, managing strategic and operational roadmaps in parallel, realizing these might be driven through different stakeholders. Find the right balance to join Shell's expectations on scope with the expectations of the technology vendor and wider industry, ensuring Shell's key interests are honored while simultaneously bringing along the wider ecosystem.
    2. Risks & Mitigations – The Programme Lead needs a sufficient awareness of the various Business (commercial), Capabilities (domain – engineering, C&P etc.) and Architecture (technology) lenses to be applied to the development of the product, and with that continuously monitor and identify both technical and non-technical risks for suitable and sustainable mitigations, including Intellectual Property (IP mgt)
    3. Governance – for the product development to progress at a healthy pace, the Programme Lead needs to actively drive effective decisions making and risks mitigations via the DRB, which includes driving active sponsorship from DRB members, and having the wisdom to escalate on time. Adding complexity to this is the mix of internal (Shell DRB) and external (Technology vendor, Sounding Board, IOGP) fora.
  2. Stakeholder Management & Communications – the Programme Lead must ensure a clear communications plan to bring along all relevant internal and external stakeholders at various operational levels such that the midterm focus on value delivery, and longer term product evolution is well managed and impactful. This will require the ability to effectively manage conflicts, as given the new nature of blockchain technology solutions in the Energy Industry at scale, there is bound to be varied and at times conflicting views, hence the Programme Lead must be able to sense out conflicts and frame them for the internal and external governance bodies to effectively manage.
    1. Internal: DRB, P&E, SEAM, PTX, IDT, the 4 'MDP Sites' as well as the broader project & asset community.
    2. External Ecosystem: The technology vendor, sounding board, IOGP working group and wider industry community.
  3. Product Evolution – The Programme Lead will need to manage the value driven product evolution, by proper framing across the associated enterprise value chain, and drive the product evolution workstream, in parallel and at a more strategic pace to the product development workstream.

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