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Achtergrond opdracht

Extention of workforce due to project. Competency on high level assembly, Mechanical Engineering and/or Electronical Engineering Technical support workfloor, routings, tooling.

Functie eisen

• Defines, implements, maintains and improves manufacturing processes
• Ensures product & production-processes executed according to specifications
• Measures all critical to quality related product & process-parameters
• Creates and maintains manufacturing documents (e.g. work instructions, provides training
• Provides 2nd line support in case of technical problems. Functional leading the trouble shooters (1st line support)
• Specifies, implements, maintains and  is responsible for the tooling within the building block
• Defines and implements improvements within the building block to increase yield, output and reduce costs (e.g. implementation of upstream testing, tooling
• Analyzes field performance data (e.g. Defoa), installation test-results, and customer related complaints, in order to initiate improvements, bases on quality performance analysis provided by Quality Engineering.
• Identifies supplier quality related improvements and drives improvement activities, in cooperation with Quality Engineering.
• Introduces new productions-methods (technical & logistic), within own building block
• Prepares and introduces changes (products, components, production processes) for released products.
• On request, supports Service departments in case of technical escalations
• Participates in supply chain teams, design teams, purchasing teams and secures the agreed manufacturing requirements.
• Specifies manufacturing requirements for product, process and tooling

Opdracht informatie

Please send us asap your recent CV + a motivation for this role, both in English, together with your availability/planned vacations and all-in hourly rate VAT (BTW) excluded.

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