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Do you want to play an important role in reshaping our software architecture to facilitate seamless implementation of the metrology functions in our software?

Do you want contribute to our highly advanced and extremely complex Metrology systems and push boundaries, set new standards and make the impossible, possible – every day?

Do you possess technical leadership and  can you influence your stakeholders to deploy software architecture changes and development methods?

Job Mission

Metrology software orchestrates the behavior of powerful mechatronic modules, so that together they achieve an extraordinary combination of speed and accuracy. For example, one such module (a wafer stage), accelerates faster than a fighter jet to enable the the organisations' machine to position a silicon wafer in less than a second, with nanometer accuracy!

As well as using metrology systems to position wafers, the organisation also uses metrology systems to measure and compensate for sub-nanometer inaccuracies that inevitably creep in due to material imperfections, temperature fluctuations, and/or atmospheric pressure changes. To achieve such challenging results, the best metrology systems ever imagined are required.

Job Description

Solutions of the Metrology Functional Group are implemented in software by the Metrology Software Department. Your role is to design, realize and integrate high-quality software engineering solutions, allowing fast and efficient delivery of complex metrology functions. The main tasks & responsibilities are:

- Breakdown complex software problems into implementable chunks
- Manage, collect and challenge software requirements
- Ensure and improve software quality
- Establish a long-term software vision and a short-term roadmap to reach it
- (Technically) lead a team of engineers and/or sub-function architects  
- Look beyond the scope of your own software (cluster) and align on external interfaces and ASML-wide software concerns
- At a high-level, understand the scanner and its concepts, at a detailed level, understand the role your software plays in the scanner and the impact it has on the customer.
- Speak the language of the engineers as well as the language of 'functional designers', system engineering, marketing and customer support. Bridge the gap between them.

Context of the position

This position is within the Software Metrology Department, which is a part of the Sector Development & Engineering.

Functie eisen


Master or PhD in computer science, software engineering, system engineering, or equivalent


- 3-5 years of experience as an architect in software development in a multidisciplinary setting is required
- You have experience in leading a team 
- Experience with object-oriented design patterns, model driven engineering and design
- Agile way of working
- Requirements engineering
- Knowledge of Software Version Control (Git, SVN, Rational ClearCase) is nice to have
- Coping with legacy software
- Preferably you have knowledge/experience of C / C++, MATLAB, Python, ASD/Dezyne and Linux.

Personal skills

ASML is a highly dynamic environment, which requires you to be a good communicator, team player, to take initiative and to be result oriented. You are a critical thinker and pay attention to every detail of your work and you leave no room for errors. You express creative and innovative thinking and get energy from pioneering new ground.

Opdracht informatie

Please send us asap your recent CV + a motivation for this role, both in English, together with your availability/planned vacations and all-in hourly rate VAT (BTW) excluded.
This is a ‘detavast’ request: Our client prefers candidates who are open to a contract with our client after a period of 12 months. This is no must, please mention if this is an option for you, or not.

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