Ink system interaction researcher


Hightech manufacturer of printers.

Functie eisen

  • Background in chemistry (or physics with chemical affinity) (at least master level)
  • Pre with multiple years of experience working in R&D
  • Team player in multidisciplinary groups
  • Independent and proactive
  • Research mindset with practical approach
  • Result driven and motivated
  • Hans-on mentality


Achtergrond opdracht

This position focusses on the further development of UV inkjet technology for producing high quality Graphic Art prints. With UV inkjet technology, ink that has been jetted onto a print medium is cured to form a robust polymerized layer by using UV light illumination; UV light induces so called photo-initiation which leads to a polymerization reaction.

Our client has developed a unique variant on UV technology, called UVgel technology. With UVgel technology the ink has an unique composition, and also the curing function is quite different from that used with conventional UV technology. Our client has introduced successful products based on this technology (Colorado series).

For future products we are continuously investing in the development of new features that increase the application width of our products. This requires the right balance between experimental work and fundamental knowledge generation.

Within your position, as ink system interaction researcher, in the UVgel ink group, your main assignment is to;

  • Lead  contribute to investigations to elucidate the ink requirements and ink properties to realize prospective applications and/or to secure proper printer performance
  • Develop new and to improve existing measuring methods to map out ink and cured ink layer properties
  • Assist in ink recipe development by organizing and performing validation/verification tests on printers or ink test benches
  • Characterize the ink performance on functional requirements independently and communicate the results/conclusions and proposals for
  • follow-up on a convincing way to the organization.
  • Collaborate and align with different functions interacting with ink in the printer

Opdracht informatie


Stuur ons dan uiterlijk 14 oktober 2021, voor 15.00 uur je recente Cv + motivatie voor deze rol, samen met je beschikbaarheid / geplande vakanties en je all-in uurtarief excl. BTW.

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