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In addition to that, the IM Lead will:

1.     Be accountable party for planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing a service provision to a Capital Project/Operating asset

2.     Rigorously manage service scope and outcomes to ensure commitments are achieved within agreed time, cost, and quality parameters with focus on delivering the business benefits

3.     Acquire, develop, coach and utilize necessary resources and skills available in the Hub and through Managed Services

4.     Validate financial forecasts and provides on-going reconciliation of resources and other related service expenditures

Ensure appropriate stakeholder engagement, change and communication plans and interfaces are developed and executed The IM Lead is required to demonstrate visible leadership as well as personal commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment.

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Unfortunately this position is not open to freelancers!

For our international client in The Hague we are looking for a Information Management Lead.

Our client aspires to implement project execution processes and systems that will position it as an oil and gas industry leader.

To this end the IM Lead will:

·       Manage all the IM activities (knowledge, data and document management) and the IM deliverables for the assigned portfolio of Capital Project and Operating Assets.

·       Exercise information control in order to track delivery against plan / contractual obligations, manage information development, status reviews and approval workflows, audit trails review and approval workflow and audit trail and finally, ensure and demonstrate compliance with regulatory standards, both from a global and where applicable, local perspective.


Principal Accountabilities the IM Lead shall:

·       Develop and maintain the Project IM Strategy and the IM Plan ensuring compliance with the relevant global standards and solutions e.g. DEP Engineering Information Specification (DEP EIS).

·       Provide IM input to the Project Execution Strategy (PES) and later to the Project Execution Plan (PEP).

·       Develop and implement IM general guidelines and procedures for the owner’s project team, design / execution contractors and equipment vendors for the relevant ORP (Opportunity Realization Process) phase.

·       Produce and implement the Project Information Specification and the IM Discipline Delivery Plan.

·       Ensure that the IM requirements are included in the design / execution contracts through the contract-specific IM Scope of Work and Information Specification.

·       Contribute to the Prequalification and ITT packages and to the evaluation of bids.

·       Ensure that the IM requirements are implemented by contractors and that the compliance is tested regularly.

·       Facilitate provision of the document control services at all of the Capital Project’s and Operating Asset’s locations including e.g. home office, engineering offices and construction sites.

·       Facilitate the data control process in the Capital Project and undertake a role of the ‘Data Coordinator’ .

·       Assist in the management of the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) build.

·       Develop a Handover Plan and facilitate the effective handover of the project information and any related tools between the major execution contractors (e.g. from individual EPCs to an EPcM), between the contractors and the owner’s project team and eventually, handover to the Operations team.

·       At each project phase undertake the IM-related mandatory value assurance activities for that phase as defined in the Project Controls and Assurance Plan (PCAP).

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Unfortunately this position is not open to freelancers!

Interested? Please send us your recent CV (word) + a cover letter for this role (both in English) together with your availability/planned vacations and all-in hourly rate VAT (BTW) excluded.

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