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Achtergrond opdracht

Leads the industrialization process within the integral cost price (C), delivery time (T) of the product, and quality doc documentation (Q). This is done by setting up a frameworkplan from within the project, together with production and steering on progress of preparation and release of documentation. It also involves designing the supply chain of the product together with purchasing, and drawing up the requirements from this supply chain for product /module/part development. In the end you guide the quality of documentation and its structure, so it can be well received by manufacturing, service department and suppliers. This role requires project management and leadership skills, good communication with partners within and outside of the company. And there are plenty of opportunities to yourself.

Position discription

  • NPI lead industrialization lead and responsible for the release of the Product Documentation Package (PDP) and change management (process) of New Product Introduction (and/or hardware releases) to
  • Works in close together with project manager from as well and leads the INC-team (Industrialization Committee) in which all disciplines from and are represented.
  • Works together In close cooperation within development team from early stage to late stage (maintenance and product releases). Identifies which are the critical parts wrt Industrialization and influence design/engineering choices which are critical for industrialization. Define the Commercial Items together with the other directories and responsible for implementation of the top structures and setup of the corresponding interrelation plan.

Functie eisen


  • HBO, mechanics or electrical
  • feeling with hardware engineering and interest in processes and methods

Required skills/experiences:

  • Project management ("plannen en origaniseren")
  • To lead (leiding geven)
  • Good communication skills
  • Quality driven
  • Project working methods
  • Monitoring from processes
  • Configuration management
  • Change management
  • PLM systems


  • Leading of the Industrialization Team
  • Responsible for realization Industrialization plan planning
  • Leading the Change Process in the Project

Opdracht informatie


Stuur ons asap je recente CV + motivatie voor deze rol, samen met je beschikbaarheid/geplande vakanties en je all-in uurtarief excl. BTW.

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