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When people think ‘software’, they often think of companies like Google or Microsoft. Even though the organisation is classified as a hardware company, they in fact have one of the world´s largest and most pioneering Java communities. Their Java  environment is extremely attractive for prospective Java engineers because it combines big data with extreme complexity. From Hadoop retrieval to machine learning to full stack development, the possibilities are endless. At the organisation, the Java teams create and implement software designs that run in the most modern semiconductor fabs in the world, helping our customers like Samsung, Intel and TSMC make computer chips faster, smaller, and more efficient. Here, we’re always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

We are always looking for talented Java developers who know how to apply the latest Java SE or Java EE technologies, to join the teams responsible for creating software for high volume manufacturing automation in semiconductor fabs. 

Job Description

  - Review an algorithm description from a software point of view. Identify risks or problems that might occur when transferring a mathematical description into software
 - Create a solid software design for an algorithm or parts of it 
 - Write quality java code that is easy to test and maintain. Take into account the speed and memory consumption restrictions
 - Define, automate, and execute tests on unit, component, and integration level
 - Write clear documentation for design and qualification

Functie eisen


MSc in computer science, mathematics, or relevant. 


 - Java SE programming skills on expert level
 - Experience with OO design principle, UML diagrams, design patterns
 - Experience with testing a big system, understand the concept of unit, component, and system level testing
 - Good knowledge of algorithms and data structures in computer science
 - Good knowledge of linear algebra, preferability also on optimization techniques and control modeling
 - Have affinity with scientific/mathematical programming
 - Understanding of the to-be-implemented mathematical algorithm and make solid java design to realize the algorithm
 - Extensive knowledge of profiling and debugging
 - Analytical and abstract thinking
 - Preferably to have Matlab or other scripting experience of algorithms
 - Preferably have experience in Continuous Integration, but also Maven, Git, and Atlassian stack

Personal skills

 - Team player
 - Excellent verbal and writing communication skills
 - Commitment 

Opdracht informatie

Please send us asap your recent CV + a motivation for this role, both in English, together with your availability/planned vacations and all-in hourly rate VAT (BTW) excluded.
The motivation is mandatory; without it we are not allowed to offer candidates!

All work experience in your CV has to contain the following information:

  • Short information about the company / sector/ domain / product.
  • Context of the project (how big / complex the projects were/ what were the goals).
  • What was the size of the team / who was involved (think of developers, testers, architect, product owners, scrum master) / what was your role in the team.
  • Which languages / tools / frameworks / versions (recent) were used during the project (full stack, server side, client side).
  • In which projects an agile methodology was used.
  • What were the results of the projects (as a team and individually)  / your contribution and achievements.


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