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We expect a frontend engineer to have a solid computer science background:

- multiple programming languages and paradigms

- design of web services

- algorithms and complexity analysis

- software security

- development workflow automation and branching strategies

- clean code and testing practices

- agile development methodologies

And a strong focus on web frontend technologies and best practices:

- ECMAScript 6+

- Internals of JavaScript engines and modern web browsers

- Document Object Model, HTML and CSS

- HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2.0, WebSocket

- Responsive web design

- Linux development and production environments

- cloud infrastructures and containers orchestration

- development of state-of-the-art web applications in React and TypeScript

Keywords: JavaScript, TypeScript, React, HTML, CSS, Git, Linux, CI/CD, AWS, Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, Bash, GraphQL, REST

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Unfortunately this position is not open to freelancers.

For our client Shell we are looking for a Frontend Software Engineer.

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Please send us your recent CV (word) + a cover letter for this role (both in English) together with your availability/planned vacations and all-in hourly rate VAT (BTW) excluded.

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