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The Electrical Designer (Job family: Development Engineering) develops systems and solutions (including their validation, testing and trouble shooting) that serve practical purposes, amongst others by applying research results and technology advancements while taking care of the total system as well as inner workings of a design.

Job Purpose
On the basis of his/her professional specialization, the electrical developer makes a substantial contribution to the innovation of product and process. He/She develops new products, using the latest technologies and resources, often realizing systems based on unverified specifications. As product owner (~20% of your work), you are responsible for the power infrastructure of the IGT fixed system. Within this role, you are the specialist in power, and you have to align with external and internal stakeholders, suppliers and customers.

Key Areas of responsibilities

  • Responsible for the design, realization and test of a system, subsystem and component; understands and communicates consequences of the design on the architecture.
  • Develops the work with focus on consumer needs and technological competitiveness, and keeps this outside-in approach in mind for designs he creates.
  • Develops on the basis of design specifications in accordance with the functional specifications and tests, analyses and verifies their performance.
  • Finalizes the design specifications, schematics, drawings, codes and writes test scenarios’ for the developed modules or components.
  • Draws up personal schedule and reports on progress in a structured and methodical way and is responsible for keeping the costs of the activities in line with the calculated budget
  • Is responsible for delivering input in the planning process to the project leader.
  • Ensures that there is proper documentation for the developed hardware/software/mechanics.
  • Combines existing and/or purchased modules into components, which can be integrated into the subsystem.
  • Roadmapping of the power infrastructure.
  • Alignment with internal and external stakeholders, suppliers, customers, key markets, etc

Functie eisen

Required Competences The electrical developer has the following skills:

  • Ability to work and influence in cross functional and/or virtual teams
  • Excellent communication and conflict solving skills

I lead change: “…I initiate and support change to shape our future and improve how we work together…” The electrical developer actively participates in development of the organization. The electrical developer suggest new ways of working to improve.
I create meaningful innovation: “…I find new ways to co-create and deliver meaningful innovation that matters to our customers…” The electrical developer applies technical knowledge to create new products or services and solutions and has IP awareness. The electrical developer creates meaningful innovation on feature or subsystem level.
I inspire by example: “…I inspire others through my behaviour, being open, courageous, inclusive and committed to the difference we can make together…” Exhibit value driven behavior showing the 4 values (take ownership, eager to win, team up to excel, and always act with integrity).
I focus on customers: “…I use deep listening and market insights to gain competitive advantage and am always focused on making a difference for our customers…” The electrical developer has the ability to understand what the product/services should be from internal customers perspective.
I deliver results: “…I hold myself and others accountable to deliver results, emphasizing impact over effort…” The electrical developer has the ability to prioritize time and resources to meet project commitments for a team of peers.
I drive operational excellence: “…I continuously improve our End2End performance to deliver with speed, efficiency and quality to our customers…” The electrical developer has the ability to improve processes using lean engineering/principles and ensures a relentless drive on continuous quality.
Professional competences: Tech savvy, Action oriented, Drives results, Optimizes work in progress, Ensures accountability, Nimble learning, Collaborates 1.Minimum Education & Training Requirements The electrical developer has minimum a Bachelor of Science or related technical degree, or equivalent professional engineering experience. For this function, a minimum of 3+ years of relevant experience in professional engineering is required.
Desired for the role of electrical developer / product owner:
  • Experience in full life-cycle development in the industry
  • Green Belt certification or lean certification or similar experience
  • System integration with global teams, SCRUM and other forms of Agile
  • Demonstrated ability in reliability engineering in a matrix environment
  • Modeling simulation
  • Drive quality

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We are only allowed to offere 'detavast' candidates: candidates who agree that our client offers them a contract after a hiring period of 12 months.

Please send us asap your recent CV + a motivation for this role, both in English, together with your availability/planned vacations and all-in hourly rate VAT (BTW) excluded.

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