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  • Minimum 3 years’ experience as DevOps Engineer and strong hands-on experience on Creating and maintaining codebase, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment pipelines in Azure Devops
  • Proficient in Azure DevOps, source code versioning tools like GitHub, Proficient in Branching, merging and deployment activities
  • Able to help teams kickstart software engineering improvement initiatives, including (but not limited to) driving acceptance test driven development, automated integration and deployment (CI/CD), real-time application monitoring, code quality scanning and optimization, etc
  • Set up SonarQube code quality gates for projects pipeline, monitor and maintain them
  • Assertive, minimum 5+ years experience working/leading agile/scrum teams
  • Provision additional environments, deployments and releases according to Testing team and Business analyst/Product Owners requirements
  • Possessing prior experience coaching teams in DevOps/ DevSecOps adoption
  • Software development experience in a Lean and Agile environment, and knowledge on TDD/BDD/ATDD
  • Enthusiastic Engagement Must be high-energy and be a source for motivation/inspiration for individuals and teams looking for support and guidance
  • Deep knowledge of DevOps objectives, e. g. automation, culture, monitoring, etc
  • Capable of teaching and coaching application development teams to adopt Continuous Delivery practices such as Test-Driven Development
  • Experience with popular programming languages such as Javascript, C# and/or Python
  • Provide hands-on support to teams, collaborating with people across widely varying levels and roles including Product Owners, Dev-ops teams, development teams

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The DevOps coach is responsible for influencing, assessing, coaching and providing technical assistance to application development teams to adopt software engineering best practices and continuously improve. This role reports to Software Engineering Excellence Manager in IT Engineering. 

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Please send us your recent CV (word) + a cover letter for this role (both in English) together with your availability/planned vacations and all-in hourly rate VAT (BTW) excluded.

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