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The organisation will extend the PAS 5500 product life cycle to ≥2030. For this a redesign of all of the electronic racks in the PAS 5500 system is started. Part of this redesign is changing the CPU-configuration from a Motorola 6800 configuration to an ARM configuration.
Next to porting the software this includes the conversion from big endian to little endian.

Job Mission

As member of the PAS 5500 extension to 2030 team:
- Implement and integrate the endianness conversion on the ARM platform (while maintaining network compatibility).
- Enable communication and other supporting software (e.g. firmware downloads) to the ARM platform.

 Job Description

- Specify, re-design, replace critical software components.
- Integrate, qualify and optimize all the software aspects of the equipment modules in order to meet the system performance.
- Contribute to the master plan by making a realistic work break down.
- Work within a multi-disciplinary team.
- Optimizing quality of the software aspects of the modules.
- Develop and implement the software project in close cooperation with stakeholders. 
- Identify and integrate the design/solution and contribute to documentation and knowledge base.

Context of the position

Business Line Mature Products & Services is responsible for the entire installed base of PAS 5500 steppers and scanners. BL MPS, Design & Engineering delivers the structural solutions to support PAS 5500 installed base by providing refurbished systems, upgrades, spare-parts and service to our customers. To extend the support of the PAS 5500 to ≥2030 and possibly longer, BL MPS will do a full redesign of the PAS 5500 electronics. To implement the new electronic designs into the PAS 5500 systems, software changes are required. The position we are looking for is a Software Engineer to perform the software changes and perform the integration into PAS 5500 installed base.

Functie eisen


Bachelor/ Master degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or equivalent.


- 5 years of experience with software design using C.
- Embedded software in combination with related hardware.
- Defining (re-)design requirements, implementation and qualification.
- Preferably VxWorks and ARM software environment.
- Adjustment of code within large existing code archives which are not all perfectly documented.
- Good experience in implementing quality and/or efficiency improvement projects.

 Personal skills

- Team player able to communicate professionally with colleagues. 
- Strong analytical ability with a pragmatic attitude, able to quickly understand existing code. 
- Self-driven, pro-active, hands-on and get-it-done mentality based on technical arguments. 
- Analytical, procedural, accurate and independent way of working.
- Good English language skills.

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Please send us asap your recent CV + a motivation for this role, both in English, together with your availability/planned vacations and all-in hourly rate VAT (BTW) excluded.

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