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Job description 
As part of the COBACHI team, the individual will implement consumption based charging based on a set of pre-defined handrails (implementation guidelines).  Under COBACHI, IT cost will be recovered via a tariff for the total cost of a service inclusive of IT Central cost which is currently recovered based on standard allocation key today.  By doing this, it will allow the businesses to understand the total cost of ownership better and thereby making better business focused decisions as it relates to IT Services and its uptake.  This will result in overall better end user experience with a better business focused view of their IT costs and spend.
This role is to perform the following for IT Services in scope for consumption based charging: 

  • Work with the Operate Land Scape Manager (OLM) and other relevant stakeholders on understanding the Consumption Based Charging Model (CBCM)
  • Work with OLM and Demand Planning to gather total costs and demand forecast
  • Analyze and define consumption charging model (unit of measure, tariff, under/over recovery process) with the stakeholders
  • Prepare material for approval via various governance forums, including key information such as demand growth and cost impact by business (and even down to the Legal Entity level)
  • Coordinate activities across responsible teams to implement the defined consumption model once approved
  • As required, support analysis, design and implementation of CBCM tool requirements
  • Ensure that ET SOM Cost Recovery Plan appropriately reflect and ties to consumption as closely as possible
  • As required, build relevant reporting in appropriate tools (ie. ServiceNOW or Apptio) to support growth of IT Services with the Consumption based model and to report on progress.  This can include reports or data to share with businesses on the consumption and cost recovery picture
  • Assist with the semi-annual / annual true-up process for IT services newly on-boarded to CBCM
  • Forecast Business demand for future and outer years, including strategies to influence demand that resulted in optimized and affordable IT as an outcome for the businesses.
  • As required, answer question, manage the escalations related to newly implemented IT Service under CBCM
  • May include updates to internal systems to align to cost recovery
  • Together with Demand Planning and Finance Operation teams ensures that the services are charged out to the Business OUs in line with agreed Business Planning handshakes.
  • Ensure a quality control and data integrity of source data related to cost recovery management
  • Vast scope and complexity of services, encompassing all cross businesses Enterprise Technology landscapes, for cost Recovery
  • Cost and Cost recovery is a very sensitive and visible area.  Strong stakeholder management needed.
  • Some stakeholders may not have financial background and concept maybe difficult for them to understand.  Need someone good with working with people and to help train team members that needs to do the work on-going.
  • IT services growing and evolving, ever changing, so not firm set or defined list of IT Services in scope
  • Working with OLMs not under direct reporting relationship.

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Qualifications and Skills

  • Educated to a Bachelor’s degree level, preferably in IT, Finance or Finance related disciplines.
  • 10-20 years of experience in an Finance or Planning role, supporting IT, or IT Business Analysis roles dealing with financials (non-project.)  Both IT Business Analysis and Financial background in previous role or educational background.
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Requirements gathering and process design required (to apply handrails based on intricacies of each service) 
  • Project management skills required (to maintain/report progress against implementation plan and to manage/escalate issues and risks)
  • Ability to influence other teams and work through others to deliver the desired results.
  • Experience with working in a global, virtual cross cultural organization, working in different time zones.
  • Skilled in building credibility and relationships with business leaders.
  • Knowledgeable of infrastructure terminologies and infrastructure concepts 


  • Prior experience with Cost recovery from businesses
  • Previous experience working with ServiceNOW
  • Previous experience working with Apptio
  • Business Analysis certification
  • Project Management certification

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