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Critical experience, skills & knowledge requirements for this project

  • Customer centric marketing digital experience
  • Experienced in managing large scale, global virtual projects preferable (>$1.5M/year budget). Able to plan, execute, monitor, control, and close all aspects of the project lifecycle
  • Experience in Issue Management and Unblocking of dilemma situations
  • Strong in management and balancing of business value, scope and available budget and time

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Our client has renewed its strategy publicly to be a net zero emission company and a clear path towards that as energy provider of the future. Customer Centricity plays an important part in that as many customers, be it private or business, have similar ambitions.

We pay much closer attention to organize ourselves alongside the customer segments. For B2C private consumers, this is very market oriented and we have cultural experience about societal customer needs; some markets are faster than other in the climate change ambitions. With regard to digital and IT solutions, we have successfully migrated to be operating in an agile way and very product oriented along our product lines, e.g. be it Fuels, Convenience Retail, Electric Mobility or Home Energy. This has led to a diversion in technology solution stacks and is suboptimal for each and every B2C consumer of which we serve 40M of every day.


The Implementation Roadmap Manager will be responsible for managing a process to establish the difficult decision making of a 2-3 year implementation roadmap across multiple IT digital capabilities and the largest 6 key markets in Asia, America and Europe. This requires to prepare and coordinate hands-on a series of decision making steps through gathering IT Managers with different product line accountabilities, and bring commercial and technical resolutions to optimize the technology stack fronting to customers from the lens of a customer. This includes omni-channel digital experience as much as e.g. payment & billing, customer fulfilment on-site technologies, as well as campaign and offer management. 

We are looking for an experienced IT professional or consultant with proficiency across the following five key dimensions:

  1. Program and project delivery skills: understanding complexities and help getting to realistic implementation timelines
  2. Domain knowledge and skills: Marketing business / Retail + Renewables / Utilities
  3. Technology skills: Landscape management including APIs, Adobe, Salesforce, SAP, On-Site Technology, Digital Payments
  4. Professional skills: communication and resilience; most important is to work collaborative and cyclical towards solutions
  5. Entrepreneurial skills: business-value mindset, critical thinking, stakeholder management, and enabling value creation

 The B2C Implementation Roadmap Manager is expected to:

  • Coordinate a set of 50-150 strategic choice points in either do nothing, integrate or harmonize based time , cost, quality, risk and benefit profiles
  • Proactively analyse variances and be able to set context and bring diverse perspectives to common ground
  • Hands-on prepare, schedule, invite, moderate, follow-up actions, and present conclusions
  • Drive to realistic estimates on time and budgets.
  • Align expectations and ensure that the decision-making of stakeholders happen
  • Understand, assess and embed the right delivery methodologies, considering project and business constraints;
  • Assess project risks as they are encountered and evaluate trade-offs between cost, time, quality, risk and ultimately benefit,
  • Ensure that the business value intended by the work is explicit, agreed and delivered.
  • Continuously demonstrate leadership behavior:
    • Live our values - do the right thing with respect to our values, safety and people
    • Engage & inspire - engage everyone through our connected purpose and inspire people ; not be afraid to accept setbacks
    • Learner mindset – quickly learn technology and business context

Critical tasks in this project

  • Build communication material, prepare settings with clear focus and moderate ; adjust as we go
  • Understand the different terminologies and harmonize to find solutions 

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Please send us your recent CV + a cover letter for this role (both in English) together with your availability/planned vacations and all-in hourly rate VAT (BTW) excluded.

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